Cornwall South West Riders Achievements

Although only active for just over 2 years we have made several successes in our area.

  • Definitive Map Modification Order 576 to upgrade Footpath to Bridleway in the parish of St. Teath running from Treveans to Deli farm.
  • Definitive Map Modification Order 588 to re instate a wrongly defined Footpath to Bridleway in the parish of Tintagel. This runs from Trenale lane to Condoldon Barrow and in a past era was actually the main byway to Tintagel.
  • Horse and rider signs erected along the A39 warning drivers of horse riders accessing Bridleway no 52/4/2 Trehanick Sawmill to Michealstow.
  • Also the re-opening of a illegally blocked access to Bridleway no. 52/4/2 at Trevillick Lane Michealstow.
  • Removal of obstruction on Bridleway no. 507/23 Trevia Camelford to B3266 near Camelford Station.
  • Clearance of fallen timber from the Trelawney via Hingham Mill to Dinham Bridge Bridleway.
  • Route proposals to Cornwall Council and The National Trust.
  • An e petition to Cornwall Council pressing for suitable Footpaths to be upgraded to Bridleways.
  • We have started a `Farm Ride ` scheme.

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