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Annual Get-Together Report

At the 2015 South West Riders Annual Get Together incanstock6575092 Bridestowe, a riveting presentation was given by Terry Hutchings from Devon & Somerset Fire Service, on fire safety in an equestrian environment and animal rescue including real life footage

Particularly poignant was a rescue in which 2 ridden horses were crossing a bridge over a river, when it gave way, the horses legs went through trapping them – the stuff nightmares are made of for horse riders – The audience were engrossed, no doubt picturing themselves in a similar situation and breathed a sigh of relief when the horses were at last seen walking away.

It was also explained, the importance of having a plan including details of the order in which to carry it out, should an emergency occur. Informative cards were handed out listing how you could help in an emergency and the information the services are likely to need, be it a fire or a rescue.

horse funSteve Gardner, Devon County Council, gave an innovative power point update on bridleways and multi-use routes in Devon, many of which had been instigated by SW Riders, which included the continuation of the Pegasus Way, which currently runs from Dartmoor to Venn Down Gates (A3079). Phase 2 continuing from Venn Down Gates to Halwill is now under construction and will, when completed, make 14 ½ miles of bridleway with breathtaking views.

We are very grateful to both speakers.

The evening finished with refreshments and a draw.

Thank you to everyone who attended. We would now be really grateful if those of you who were unable to attend could send us your subs for this year. We are heavily committed on a number of projects and our administration costs continue to rise. If we are to continue to make a difference it is essential that we can demonstrate we have a strong and active membership. It still only costs £4 for individual membership and £6 for family membership which compared to the BHS is virtually nothing. Membership forms are available on the Membership page.

 South West Riders have been made aware of a planning application for a 77m/253ft high Wind Turbine at Wrays Barton, Lewdown, Devon.  This is close to bridleways in the area.  To view the  plans visit West Devon Borough Council or for more information visit


Annual Meeting Report June 2014

Firstly thank you to all of you who attended our annual meeting.

Our President, Chris Ingram updated us on The Granite Way opening a new section at Bridestowe Station, providing Multi Use access including Horse Riders. This gives a new route onto Dartmoor.

We had four Wardens who provided a wealth of information on Public Rights of Way and how to contact them in the event of an access problem.

From Devon County Council, Helen Clayton and John Baker kindly attended. If you have a problem or want to raise a query always report to Devon County Council using their fault reporting service

Helen Clayton can be contacted via Please always use the complaints email first or as well because this will officially log the issue and if you don’t get a satisfactory answer let us know as we will follow it up for you.

The Dartmoor National Park Ranger was Robert Taylor. He can be contacted via or 01626 104542 or 07711104542.

The Forestry Commission Ranger was Tim Powle. He can be contacted via or 01392 854251 or 07990848720.

All of these people were most helpful and informative and displayed a keen wish to assist us with our problems. It may be that your problem is not covered by them as individuals but they will ensure that your problem gets to the right person. You should always get a response. Please keep us informed as to what is going on.

The evening also included a Fun Quiz, which got the brain cells working!, a Raffle, Refreshments and the opportunity to talk to the Wardens individually.

Tavistock to Bere Alston Railway Line.

An exciting new route for horse riders? For many years Devon County Council and West Devon District Council have worked with partners to try to reopen this railway line.  It had also been hoped that a cycle path  could be created along the  line until it reopened for rail use. Thereafter,  the cycle path would run parallel to the railway line.  It has now been decided to concentrate on the railway use only, with a new cycle path being created in the area.  It is hoped to link the Tamar Trails (excellent example of multi use tracks) to Tavistock.

 South West Riders have been urging DCC to follow their protocol and to make any new routes multi use, unless there is a very good reason to prevent it.  This would make a wonderful horse riding route for the many riders on the Bere Peninsula and allow access to open moorland riding via Tavistock.  We are continuing to work with DCC to try to ensure that any new routes are indeed multi use.
Gretta Madigan.

Devon County Council has provided some of the photos contained within this website.

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